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Bird Cages for Parrots

If you became a happy owner of a parrot you must buy a cage for your new companion which will serve as its home for most of the time. Since quality of life of every living being including parrots is greatly influenced by the environment you should choose a parrot cage very carefully and to make sure it will provide your bird the necessary comfort and safety.

There are several factors you should keep in mind when choosing a cage for your parrot in order to avoid making it a prison. The cage’s size is the first and the most important thing. Choose the biggest parrot cage you can afford or at least make sure that it enables your bird to stretch his wings. You should also keep in mind that width is more important than height. If you do not want your parrot to feel like in “cage” choose a cage with bar spacing just wide enough to allow your colorful friend to stick his head out and in easily. Pet shop employee will perhaps recommend you otherwise but many birds try to stick their heads into very small openings and might injure themselves if the bar spacing is inappropriate. If you prefer narrow bar spacing please make sure that your parrot cannot fit his head between the bars no matter how hard he tries.

Bird cages are made of some sort of metal but material from which the cage is made plays very important role when it comes to cage’s durability as well as your bird’s safety. Some metals, paints and chemicals can make your colorful friend seriously ill if ingested. To avoid ingestion of potentially harmful substances you should consider purchasing a stainless steel cage which are among the most expensive ones but are also the most durable of all bird cages.

In addition to many different sizes, shapes and materials, bird cages also come with many different features such as playtop, swing feeders, pull out trays for easy cleaning, etc. which are also worth considering before purchasing a cage for your pet.

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