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Safe and Fun Bird Toys For Your Parrot

If you have a parrot or consider getting one in the future you should not forget to buy him toys. Like cats and dogs, birds love to play with toys that provide entertainment and mental stimulation. You can find many different types of bird toys at pet stores and online shops but please keep in mind that some toys may not be appropriate for your parrot or even harm him.

Considering that safety represents a major issue even when it comes to children’s toys, there is no guarantee that toys made specially for birds are truly safe for your colorful friend. The majority of bird owners say to pay attention to the materials from which the toy is made but reading the labels is often of little use because any manufacturer will reveal potentially harmful substances and chemicals. For that reason it may be better to choose toys from a reputed brand. In addition to choosing toys made specially for bird of a trusted brand, you should also make sure that the toy is not too small nor too big. Toys too small represent a risk of swallowing and choking, while birds show little or no interest in toys that are too big. If it is not clear for which birds the toy is intended ask the seller for advice.

Please keep in mind that birds are kind of like children and get bored with toys eventually. For that reason you are recommended to have multiple toys to be able to rotate them.