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The Different Types Of Bird Feeders

Bird feeders come in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. There are bird feeders that are specifically designed for specific specie of bird. Some have plain functional shapes while others have whimsical shapes that can be used as decoration in the yard to attract birds. A squirrel proof feeder is best.

If the yard where the bird feeder will be placed lacks foliage, a decorative freestanding backyard feeder is best used. It can even attract songbirds of numerous varieties. Again, the feeder should be squirrel proof. The popular choice among bird feeders is the miniature house-shaped feeders which can be decorated to attract local birds and squirrel proof. This type will give additional beauty to the landscape.

In choosing a bird feeder, another factor to be considered is the kind of bird you are intending to be fed in the feeder. If you aim to attract seed eating songbirds, choose a feeder that has more room for comfortable landing and safe from squirrel and mice. Similar to squirrels, mice also eat seeds. There is a special kind of feeder particularly made to get rid of predators by automatically closing the feeding holes when weight is applied by the predator on the perch. A particular feeder is needed if you desire to attract the elusive hummingbird into your feeder.

Whatever kind of unique bird feeder is used for your yard, the sight of the beautiful birds feeding on your feeders is worth the effort of creating bird feeders that will not only give color and beauty to your landscape but also joy in seeing the beautiful birds.

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