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Make Your Own Wild Bird Food

Birds like people need variety in their food too. Although wild bird seeds are readily available for purchase, it is much better to make your own bird food and encourage birds to show up at your back yard. Here is a simple recipe for wild bird food that you can make your own. This tasty treat for the birds is a good contribution to give birds variation and not just survive on seeds.

The first thing you should do is to gather all the ingredients before actually making the bird food. You will need rolled oats, not instant oats. Some peanuts, commercial wild bird food mix, sunflower seeds and some dried fruit. For the dried fruit you can choose between cranberries and raisins. Other kinds of dried fruit are fine too.

To make the food, you will need a large bowl and spoon for mixing. Calculate how much of each ingredients to use for your bird food. There is no exact measurement for this. However, make sure to use more oats than the other ingredients. Put all the ingredients on the bowl and mix thoroughly in order to evenly distribute the ingredients.

After mixing, you are now ready with your bird food. Put it outside either on the ground or bird feeders if you have some. After putting the bird food in your yard, you can enjoy seeing many different types of birds. Your bird food will surely attract more birds. With only few dollars from your pocket and little effort, you are able to enjoy the beauty of nature with the birds flying and singing around you. Isn’t that a great feeling?