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Cat Breeds Pictures


Differences in physical appearance of cats are not so drastic like in dogs but that does not make choice of cat breed any easier. There are also much less recognized cat breeds than dog breeds but it is important to pay attention to several factors when choosing a cat breed. All cat breeds are of approximate the same size but there are great differences in colors, patterns, hair length and character.

The vast majority of people choose cat breeds based on their physical appearance. Unlike dog breeds, cat breeds are not classified into groups but many cat lists are divided into different groups, most often by coat into long- and shorthaired, semi-long, rex and hairless cat breeds.


If you are not sure which cat breed to choose you are highly recommended to inform yourself about different cat breeds very well. There are many books which provide all the necessary informations about different cat breeds, while a lot about cats is also found on the Internet including cat breed pictures which are very helpful in selection of a cat breed. However, never choose a cat breed solely on base of their physical appearance and pictures.