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Long Hair Cat Breeds

Cat breeds are not classified into groups like dog breeds but many lists divide cat breeds according to length of their hair into short- and longhaired, hairless, semi-long and rex cat breeds. Different people prefer cats with different hair length but long hair breeds are by far the most popular of all cat breeds all over the world.

Himalayan is a longhaired cat breed which is virtually identical to the famous Persian but it has blue eyes and point coloration which is a result of crossbreeding between Siamese and Persian.

Norwegian Forest Cat is a very old longhaired cat breed which originates from Norway. They like to be outdoors and are well adjusted to cold temperatures but might get upset if feeling lonely. Despite their long hair Norwegian Forest Cats do not require much care. Brushing once per week is enough to keep their coat beautiful and healthy.

Ragamuffin is an American longhaired cat breed distinctive for friendly behavior and fine, long coat which comes in all patterns and colors. They are generally kept indoors mostly due to their friendly nature.

Birman also known as Sacred Cat of Burma is a long hair cat breed believed to originate from Burma. They mostly come in eggshell or golden color with chocolate, blue, lilac, cream or pure seal markings and deep blue eyes. Birman kittens are born white, while color patterns began to develop at age of 1 week.

Maine Coon is one of the oldest breeds in North America native to the state of Main. They come either with long or medium long hair. The hair on the head and shoulders is shorter creating the appearance of lion-like ruff around the neck.