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Mixed Cat Breeds

Mixed cat breeds or in cat fancy called domestic shorthair and domestic longhair are the most common and popular “breed” all over the world. They come in both long- and shorthair length variations and in countless color combinations and patterns as well as in sizes, shapes and behaviors.

Most widespread cats are shorthaired, while bicolor and tabby is the most common pattern. Single color non pedigree cats are very rare but sometimes they might look identical to internationally recognized cat breeds. Longhaired non pedigree cats are less common and require as much care as recognized longhaired breeds. Domestic longhair cats come in the standard cat colors and patterns sometimes greatly resembling established breeds.

Character and behavior of non pedigree cats is impossible to predict. The behavior and personality of particular cat also also greatly depends on its socialization while still a kitten. Adult cats which had not been in contact with human while still kittens are naturally scared of humans and will most likely never allowed to be touched. The strength of bond of particular cat to a human greatly depends on human behavior, whether the human responds to cat’s needs and takes time for affection when the cat wants, etc. The cat-human relationship is very complex and greatly resembles to human-to-human relationships. Cats might develop affection to all family members but they generally develop closer bond to a single person.