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Semi-Long Hair Cat Breeds

Longhaired cat breed generally require a lot of care, bathing and daily brushing to keep their fur beautiful and heathy. Besides long- and shorthaired cat breeds there are also breeds with hair length somewhere in between. If looking for longhaired cat breed which which does not require so much care you should perhaps consider a semi-long hair cat breed.

Nebelung is a very elegant cat breed with medium long hair and large green eyes. Its name seems to refer to German word for fog - Nebel which is probably one of the best way to describe the breed’s distinctive grey-blue coat.

Siberian is a semi-long hair cat breed originating from Russia. It greatly resembles the Main Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat. The breed has three layers of fur which comes in many color variations. The Siberian is also known to be hypoallergenic producing less Fel d1 in compare to other cat breeds.

Turkish Angora is one of the oldest cat breeds. The breed has a medium long coat which is usually show white. Turkish Angoras are also distinctive for their green, blue or amber eyes, sometimes one being blue and the other green or amber.

Turkish Van is also a semi-longhaired cat breed originating from Turkey. The breed is distinctive for its coat with patterned colors on the head and tail with the body being white. Turkish Vans are also notable for their blue or amber eyes but in some individual cats one eye can be blue and the other amber.