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Short Hair Breeds

Long hair breeds are commonly considered more beautiful but many people prefer short hair cats for several reasons. Some people simply consider shorthaired cats more beautiful than longhaired, while the others choose particular short hair cat breeds for their distinctive coat pattern, behavior and personality. Shorthaired cat breeds are sometimes also preferred because they generally require less care than longhaired cats.

American Shorthair is one of the most popular cat breed in the United States and is believed to descend from English cats brought to North America by the early settles from Britain. They come in eighty different colors and patterns and do not require a lot of care.

Bengal is a hybrid breed developed by crossing between domestic feline and an Asian Leopard Cat in the United States. Despite its wild appearance Bengal has a temperament of a domestic cat.

California Spangled Cat is a very rare and expensive breed with an exotic pattern. The breed is crossbreed of many cat strains and like the Bengal, California Spangled Cat has a temperament of domestic cat.

Chartreux is an shorthaired breed originating from France and distinctive for blue coat. They are also known to be very quiet and rarely mewing as well as to tend to bond to a single person.

Havana Brown also known as the Swiss Mountain cat is a shorthaired cat breed with distinctive reddish-brown color without tabby patterns.

Korat is one of the oldest cat breed originating from Thailand. The breed is distinctive for “heart-shaped” head, large green eyes and blue color. Unlike the vast majority of other cat breeds the Korats come only in one color.