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Cat Food and Cat’s Nutritional Requirements

Your cat’s health and longevity greatly depends on quality of her diet. You most likely already know that leftovers from human meals are not appropriate for your cat. However, even if you feed her with food made specially for cats it does not necessarily mean that she eats a healthy and nutritious diet. Like quality of human food products, quality of cat food greatly varies from one brand to another. Choosing a trusted cat food manufacturer and spending few dollars extra is a good start but neither a reputed brand nor high price are a guarantee for healthy diet.

In order to choose a quality food for your cat you should first know her nutritional requirements. Cats are carnivores and in first place need proteins from animal sources. Thus the very first ingredient of your cat’s food product should be chicken, beef, turkey, duck or lamb but beware of products made of by-products. This means that the product is made of poor quality meat low in protein content. A quality cat food should consist of 25% to 30% of animal protein but it should also contain fats which are important source of essential fatty acids and vitamins, and all the necessary minerals in proper balance. Like quality human food, quality cat food should contain little or no artificial additives such as preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers and other potentially harmful substances. A healthy cat diet also should not contain large amounts of carbohydrates. Please keep in mind that kittens have special dietary requirements. They should be fed with food made specially for kittens only.

A tasty food made of quality ingredients containing all the necessary nutrients in proper balance is crucial for your cat health whether you feed her with dried or canned food products. Please keep in mind that neither dried nor canned cat food do not fulfill cat’s water requirements. Cats have a low thirst drive because they are designed to obtain the necessary water from a prey. Make sure that clean, quality water is always available to your cat.

Your cat will also appreciate if you give her treats. Please keep in mind that treats should not exceed of 10% of cat’s daily food intake.

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