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Cat Toys

Adult cats seem to have a leisurely life enjoying in petting and doing nothing but that is a misconception. Cats get bored and stressed too, especially if spending most of their time alone inside your home. Many cat owners give their pets toys to alleviate loneliness and boredom. A quality cat toy provides amusement making even senior cats very kittenish and playful.

Unlike dogs thrilled just about any toy they receive, cats are a lot more difficult to please. Thus it is not rare having several cat toys laying around the house virtually untouched. Many cat toys are available at pet stores and online shops some of them serving as treats at the same time but before choosing one you should consider several factors. To make sure that a toy will provide your cat amusement longer than for five minutes choose one you believe suits her character and age the most. Ask yourself whether she is likes to run around, chase, hunt or climb.

Paying attention to safety is even of greater importance than choosing a toy that attracts your cat’s attention. Give your cat toys made specially for cats that can withstand her scratching and biting habits to prevent potential accidents which may occur if biting off or swallowing a peace of toy. You should also make sure the toy is not made of toxic materials and that the size is appropriate for your cat. Toys that are too small can be swallowed and cause gastrointestinal problems or choking, while toys that are too big will most likely fail to attract your cat’s attention.

Cat toys have many benefits for both cats and their owners providing entertainment, alleviating boredom and loneliness, protecting your furniture from their sharp claws as well as providing a form of exercise which helps to maintain a healthy weight. You are recommended to have several different toys or to buy a new ones every now and then to be able to rotate the toys and prevent your cat getting bored with them.