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Cats are one of the greatest animals that can see clearly during the day and night. Without their eyes, it will be hard for these felines to sense their surroundings and to catch their prey. Cat owners must also do something if their feline pal has a troubling eye condition. Instead of being a cute and furry little creature that they are, they can become unpredictable creature that might cause harm to its owners. Below are some of the cat health eye conditions that are common among these feline creatures.

Conjuctivitis is considered as the most common cat health eye problem among these furry pets. This eye health condition usually happens to the stray cats or cats that have not been injected with the right vaccines. There is a great possibility that other cats that are not yet infected with conjunctivitis may get this eye problem as well. This is because the said condition is contagious especially if the cat does not have a strong immune system or the cat is living in a filthy environment.

Another eye condition that affects the cats is the Chlamydia bacteria or the bacterial eye infection. Some of the symptoms of Chlamydia bacteria include the redness of the eye, teary eyed and swollen eyes among cats. This is something contagious as well, but not for humans. Only cats can be infected by both Conjuctivitis and Chlamydia bacteria.

If you think that your pet has a cat health eye condition, schedule an appointment to the vet immediately. If no medical attention is given to the cat, both of the mentioned eye conditions will gradually worsen and may result blindness. Eye ointments and eye drops especially made for cats can be easily availed in the market so that you can give a remedy to your pet even at home. However, remember to get a prescription first so that you would not give the wrong medication to your pet!