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Cat Health

Some pet lovers prefer cats to dogs. Why? There are several reasons to answer that one-word question. One of the popular reasons is they know how to clean up after themselves.

If we feel ugly about ourselves, we go to salons for makeovers. Cats are lucky to enjoy the very important treatment they get from their owners. Some of them sport unique and fascinatingly outlandish hairstyles. If we think that our wardrobe is too boring, we go shopping and pick our fancy at the shopping mall. Cats are not deprived of that too! You can actually see cats strolling in the malls wearing colorful and stylish outfits! If we feel sick, we go to doctors for consultation. Cats do too! There are veterinarians who attend them to cure their illnesses.

Cat health is more important than cat fashion. A pet owner would not want to lose his beloved cat because he took for granted its health conditions and paid more attention on parading and bragging about it to others.

So what are aspects to focus on about cat health?

The diet - It’s not only humans who are prone to heart problems due to obesity. Cats are not exempted from it. Make sure that you feed your cat the right kind of food and the right amount of food.

Declawing - This practice is illegal in most European countries. It is not like cutting fingernails, it is a serious, painful surgery. In the event that you still decide to declaw your cat, keep your pet inside the house for its safety.

Poisonous Substances - Cats tend to move around and play with things they can reach. Keep your pet safe from poisonous substances that it may ingest like antifreeze.

Cleanliness - Cats deserve to have a clean place to sleep and to eat. Clean its litter box regularly to prevent it from contracting diseases caused by thriving bacteria and viruses.

If you are really a cat lover, you are expected to know how important cat health is. If you pay enough attention to this, you can expect to spend more years with your beloved cat.

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