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Most, if not all cat owners do not pay much attention to a significant part of cat health – teeth. For us, people, we do not usually observe the condition of the pet’s oral health; actually it frightens us to touch this part of their face. Little do we know that they also suffer from gum irritation, infection and bad breath! So to achieve that “perfect” smile, veterinarians advise owners to regularly clean their cat’s teeth or bring them to animal clinics for oral check-ups.

Teeth have an important role in overall wellness of your cat. While tartar forms, gum tissue can get swollen and infected. With this, toothache may also be experienced by your pets. You can then notice loss of appetite or lack of liveliness in your pet’s condition. If you don’t want this to happen to your kitty, remember that it is important to take extra care of their oral health. Let them be checked regularly, and for at least once a week, brush them.

If you have not done brushing before, you may find it a bit difficult at first, so may even need help of another person to hold the cat firmly while you do the brushing. You can buy special cat toothbrushes, or practically use soft bristled children’s toothbrush. Also, be careful as to using a toothpaste, there’s one specially made for cats!

Aside from brushing, another way to take care of cat health teeth is to choose the right food for them. Not because there are a lot of new processed cat foods, you will just leave your cat to these products. Dry cat food results into some harsh action, making them even more prone to cat illness due to tartar. Sometimes, these may lead to loose or chipped teeth. When this occurs, bring your cat to the veterinarian immediately. There is no better action than to heed doctor’s advice!