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Dog Breeds for Kids

Dogs are probably the most popular pets among kids of all ages. If your kid desperately wants a dog you will make him/her very happy if you allow him/her to have one of course under condition he/she understands that having a dog is a great responsibility. Different dog breeds get along with children very differently and all dog breeds might not be appropriate for your kid or vice versa. Some dog breeds are very sensitive and your child could easily unintentionally harm them, while some breeds especially large size breeds might hurt your child while playing.

Among the most appropriate dog breeds for kids is the Golden Retriever which is great with kids and is one of the most friendly and kind of all breeds. Golden Retrievers are generally not aggressive but training is required.

Poodles are appropriate for kids of all ages. They are very loyal, playful and are one of the most intelligent breeds.

Beagles are also a good choice for kids of all ages. They friendly, enjoy in people’s company and are rarely aggressive. There are several variations of the breed but all Beagles are very intelligent and generally obedient.

Collies are one of the most popular dog breeds for kids and families. They are very friendly, loyal as well as protective. Collies are great companion dogs for children of all ages.

St. Bernard is great for kids but not for small children. Despite their size they are very gentle and friendly but they need to be trained while still puppies.