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Dog Breeds Pictures

Puppies Dog Photo It is estimated that there are over 400 dog breeds in the world and countless mixed breeds. Unless being an expert or really big fan of dogs it is virtually impossible to know and to identify all dog breeds solely by name. Besides that there are also different names for particular dog breeds in different countries which makes identification even more difficult.

Many people who decide to get a dog know precisely which breed they want and which are its basic characteristics including physical appearance, behavior, whether it is appropriate for small apartments, how it interact with small children, etc. but some people are not sure which dog breed is suitable for them. If you feel you do not know enough about different dog breeds and their characteristics you are highly recommended to inform yourself very well before bringing a dog to your home.

Dog Photo Dog Photo

People usually choose dog breed on a base of expected behavior and personality as well as on base of physical appearance. To make your decision easier you should perhaps buy or rent a book about different dog breeds which also includes pictures. That way you will be able to compare different dog breed physical appearance with other characteristics. Many dog breed pictures can be found on the Internet as well.