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How to Choose A Dog Breed

When you decide to get a dog you should be prepared on lots of research. The most important is to find the breed which is right for you and your family. Besides physical appearance you need to take in consideration breed’s behavior, obedience, aggression, special care requirements, activity, etc. If you live in an apartment you are also highly recommended to choose a dog breed which is suitable for apartment living. If having kids you should make sure that the chosen breed is appropriate for kids and vice versa.

Choosing a dog breed is a great challenge if not being sure which one is the best for you but you should be very careful where you get the dog as well. Generally, you have three options: animal shelter, pet store and breeders. Animal shelters are full of homeless dogs which are waiting to be adopted. The only drawback in selecting a dog in animal shelter are potential personality problems. You are not recommended to purchase a dog in the pet store because the vast majority of puppies come from the “puppy farms” and you would be only supporting animal cruelty. The best way to be really sure what kind of dog you are bringing home is to purchase it directly at a carefully selected breeder. A good breeder will always show you all the puppies, the bitch as well as the place where they are held and give you all the necessary informations about the breed and proper care.