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List Of Dog Breeds

Dog breeding has a long history dating back thousands of years. The dog breeds we know today are a result of inbreeding of dogs in the same ancestral line or of mixing dogs from very different lines. Dog breeds greatly vary in their physical appearance and are the only animal with such great difference in physical characteristics. However, besides differences in their physical appearance dog breeds are also known for their distinctive behavior although latter also greatly varies within particular breed and greatly depends on training process and methods.

Dog breeds are commonly listed by function from which certain breed was developed commonly distinguishing between the following types: companion dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, working dogs and guard dogs. The Fédération Cynologique International (FCI), an international federation of kennel clubs classified all recognized dog breeds into 10 breed groups: sheepdogs, pinscher and schnauzer, terriers, cattle dogs, dachshunds, spitz and primitive types, scenthounds, pointing dogs, retrievers - flushing dogs - water dogs, companion and toy dogs, and sighthounds.

The basic dog breed groups are often further divided into different types and subtypes, while some rare new and newly documented traditional breeds are still waiting to be listed to a particular breed group. When searching for list of dog breeds it is wise to keep in mind the standard classification of dog breeds.