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Mixed Dog Breeds

Some dog breeds are inbreeded from the same ancestral lines, while the others are bred by mixing dogs from different lines. So-called mixed dog breeds also known as “no breed” dogs are the most common and popular dog breed. Mixed dog breeds are often planned by breeders but they might be also a result of mating between two un-sterilized dogs.

Mixed dog breeds are not inferior to purebred dogs nor less physically appealing. You do not like physical appearance of all purebred dogs, do you? Predicting mixed dog breed behavior and character is not any less reliable than of purebred dogs of course under conditions that parentage is known. One of the greatest advantages of mixed dog breeds in compare to purebred dogs is lesser genetic susceptibility to ailments. Mixed dog breeds are also less expensive than purebred although that does not mean they require less care or attention.

If deciding for a mixed dog breed it is very important to be very careful from who you purchase. Mixed dog breeds are often produced by inbreeding of dogs without pedigree and behavior and personality of such dogs are impossible to predict. You might get a wonderful and very intelligent companion dog but you might also get a dog very difficult to control.