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Rare Dog Breeds

Rare dog breeds are all breeds which are very few in number and are either being a long-time established breeds or new (sometimes called emerging) breeds.

Alaskan Klee Kai is a rare dog breed developed to produce a version of Alaskan Husky companion dog. They come in three different sizes - toy, miniature and standard and four color varieties.

Austrian Pinscher is a rare medium large pinscher type breed originating from Austria. The breed was developed from an older Austrian pinscher type breed, mixture of German Pinscher and local dogs. Austrian Pinscher was recognized as breed in the 1920’s but after the World War II the breed almost vanished. In 1970s there was only one registered Austrian Pinscher dog.

English Shepherd is a rear breed greatly resembling the Border Collies and Australian Shepherds. The breed is notable for remarkable intelligence and extraordinary devotion and kindness to their owners as well as to other family members and domestic animals.

French Spaniel breed is very rare outside its country of origin - France. It is one of the tallest Spaniel type breeds reaching up to 61 centimeters (24 inches) in height. French Spaniels are very intelligent and very devoted to their owners which makes them great companion dogs. They are very active and energetic and are not appropriate for small apartments.

Tibetan Mastiff is an very old guardian breed and one of the oldest purebred dogs. Tibetan Mastiffs are very independent, intelligent and protective but they can be also highly unpredictable and aggressive against strangers. The breed is not appropriate for smaller apartments. Obedience training is highly recommendable.