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It is not a very hard job to build a chain link dog kennel and one of the hardest things is deciding what size the kennel should be and is this is more so the case if you are building it for a puppy because you want one that is going to last for a reasonably long time. Once you have decided on the size that the kennel should be then comes the job of actually building the kennel. It is also very important to have the fence high enough so that the dog is not able to simply jump over it because this would be absolutely no use.

The next thing that you will need to do is to decide what you are going to build the kennel out of. The chain link fencing no longer comes in just one size you will have to decide on which size you want, do you want small holes in the wire or would larger holes be ok for your dog, the answer to this question will greatly depend on the size and breed of dog that you have. It is very important to choose the style of fencing very carefully so that you will not have to rebuild the kennel in a few months time once the dog has grown a bit.

There are also several different kinds of posts that you can use to make the chain link dog kennel. The most popular ones are the ones that are made out of landscape timber for the simple reason that they posts are much stronger and these ones do not need cemented like some of the alternative metal ones do. If you require posts that are shorter than the ones that the store has then ask them if they have anything short it may be that they can simply cut a bit of them for you.

There is two options that you can choose when you are wanting to build a chain link dog kennel you can either do it yourself or you could get someone in to build the kennel but this will be the most expensive option.