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Crazy Dog Kennels

As far as pet owners are concerned the sky is the limit with regards to the style of kennels that they can have for their beloved pet and some of the dog owners have weird ideas so their dogs end up with some pretty crazy dog kennels. These dogs are simply the pampered and spoilt children of the canine world. A lot of people view their dogs as an additional child or a child that they never had. Although this may sound silly to a lot of people these dog owners do really physically treat their dogs as children. Some of these dog owners do not stop at crazy dog kennels some of these people even take their pampered pooches to places such as doggie kindergarten.

The crazy dog kennels come in a wide range of different format you can have a permanent one or something that is portable and can be folded and put in the car as required. There are some kennels that can be used for taking dog along on aircraft trips or long car journeys. The fact that the number of dog owners who treat their dog as a child is on the increase is leading to a lot more crazy and unusual ideas.

A lot of the very basic kennels actually have pretty much the same element that the more expensive ones have. It is very important to remember that the kennels should be the correct size for the dog that it is going to be used for. Although it may seem like a really good idea to get your dog a crazy dog kennel it will actually be of very little use the dog is too big for it.

The pampered pooches of this world receive a vast number of luxury items in their kennels such as cosy beds and some toys some people even go as far as to put up pictures for the dog and put some special lighting into the kennel so that the dog has something to listen to and some company. There is a wide range of different things that can be purchased from most good pet stores that will keep your dog company and keep him occupied whilst in his kennel.