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How Dogs feel about wearing a Dog Sweater

Since any king of clothes including dog sweaters are alien to dogs you can not expect from your dog to be thrilled about it. If they could express their opinion about it would be a absolutely no dog sweater or anything like it. Any kind of cloths including dog sweaters are unfamiliar feeling for dog’s body and for that reason it usually takes certain amount of time, patience and some efforts to make your dog accept wearing a dog sweater.

Once you dog is used to a dog sweater he/she do not mind wearing one especially if it is cozy, comfortable, soft and not to tight. To every dog (if he/she already has to wear a dog sweater ) is important that it does not limit him/her at movement and that its size is large enough. However, dog sweater also must not be to big otherwise your dog might get easily stuck to something while walking or even get hurt.

If dogs would choose sweaters on they own they would choose a comfortable, soft and cozy dog sweater. However, although we can not say that every dog sweater esthetically acceptable dogs are not interested in colors, patterns, designs or how fashionable his/her sweater looks. Dogs will also not notice if their sweaters match with clothes or cloth details of their owners, or if their sweaters are appropriate for certain occasion or not. Nevertheless, your dog might notice if you or other people are laughing over his/her “outfit” and might look humiliated.