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How to make your Dog to wear a Dog Sweater

Since wearing of any kind of clothes is alien to dog’s nature you should not be angry at your dog if he/she will be refusing it at the beginning. However, dogs can be trained all sorts of things and sooner or later your dog will also get used to a dog sweater. You only have to persistent and little bit creative.

To introduce a dog sweater to your dog you will need to be patient because every dog needs certain amount of time to get used to wearing a sweater. However, before clothing your dog into a sweater you should perhaps start with an old children’s t-shirt which is about the right size for a smaller dog. It is much less traumatic for your dog if you start with a loose-fitting t-shirt than if you immediately clothe him/her into a tight-fitting dog sweater.

Once you clothed your dog try to make him busy with playing to draw his/her attention from the t-shirt as long as possible. However, do not insist your dog to wear the t-shirt for a whole afternoon or even whole day but only for few minutes. It is also important to clothe him/her every day and gradually increase the time your dog being clothed. Some dogs will get used to it very early, while the others might need more time and some “bribing” with some delicious dog treats. Once your dog is used to wear a loose-fitted children’s t-shirt he/she is prepared for a dog sweater.