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Collar Vs. Harness

Many dog owners face difficulties when deciding between collar and harness. A harness seems more “humane”, while collars provides better control over the dog which is often very important. The truth is, both have their advantages and disadvantages. We will discus about pros and cons of both collar and harness below, and hopefully make your decision easier.

Collars are still preferred over harnesses in the majority of dog owners for one reason: control which is highly important, especially when safety is of major concern. Most dog owners agree that the collar provides the best control over their pet. However, when the dog pulls the pressure is put on the neck which may lead to neck or trachea injuries, especially in dogs that pull on the leash.

A harness distributes the pressure more evenly when the dog pulls on the leash and significantly reduces the risk of injuries. Harnesses are particularly popular in dog owners of smaller sized breeds and puppies. However, those who own large breeds and dogs that pull on the leash complain that a harness is not providing adequate control over the dog. This can be problematic in reactive dogs and in situations when safety issue is of major concern.

You are highly recommended to take into account your dog’s character and temperament as well as your abilities to control him before making the final decision when choosing between a collar or harness. If you would prefer a harness but worry about safety you should perhaps consider using a combination of both harness and collar.

Whether you decide for a collar or a harness make sure it fits to your dog. Your four legged friend would prefer if he did not have to wear neither collar nor harness but he will definitely appreciate if you choose material as comfortable as possible.