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A Dog Owner’s Guide to Grooming and Crate Training

Bringing home a new puppy is very exciting especially if you are a first-time pet owner. You have to prepare the things necessary for your pooch before its arrival. First, buy a crate to transport your puppy to your home. Second, buy some bowls wherein you put the food and water. Third, buy some puppy food that are of very good quality. If you don’t know what brands to select, you can get some advice from any dog shelter staff, breeder or your local veterinarian. Other things that you also have to get beforehand are: a leash, a good and flexible collar, bedding and some toys. In addition, schedule an appointment with your local vet t for the first check-up for your puppy.

You should put the dog food only in a bowl or any suitable container. Do not put your dog food directly on the ground, on the floor of the cage or on paper because it’s not only unsanitary, it also makes the surroundings dirty and attracts flies which are germ-carriers. As a result, your dog might get sick or even you. That means you are likely to be spending extra money on medical expenses. Such bad way of feeding would also give you a hard time like in cleaning the mess and your dog, and sanitizing your house infected by flies and other parasites.

Some Tips on Crate Training

Crate Training – a process used by the dog owner to teach his dog on staying in the crate for a certain amount of time. This technique is very helpful to you in such a way that when you leave the home and dog is left alone, you don’t have to worry anymore on your dog tearing the house furniture down. It is recommended to start the training when your pet is still young or a pup.

First, open the crate and leave the dog in there for short periods of time. Every time he does this, give him some nice treats as reward, that way, he would get a positive experience about it. Next, once he is cozy enough inside the crate, start closing the crate behind your pet for a certain time. Then gradually increase the length of time. Once he is inside, practice feeding him there.

Do not use the crate to punish your pet. You should make your dog feel that the crate is a safe place and not some sort of a detention cell. Through this, the dog would feel at home inside the crate when you and the entire family leave the house. Once you’re home, release the dog and let him mingle with the rest of the family.

As a dog owner, you should not let your dog feel that he is abandoned. You have to make him feel that the crate is just a temporary shelter that is safe and comfortable to stay while you and your family are away from home for a few hours.