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How to Train Your Dog like A Professional Dog Trainer

When you want to teach your dog some basic skills of obedience, this can be exciting at the same time challenging. The thing is, you don’t know where or how to start on dog obedience training? Begin by getting his attention.

Getting your dog’s attention is very easy because all you have to do is call his name. The challenge is to make him pay attention to your commands. How do you do this? First, every time you call his name, put a keyword command next to it like “look” or “watch.” So it goes like, “Spike watch!” or “Spike look!” This is a way of associating the words to a certain command. Once you have his full attention, you can start the lessons immediately.

Start doing some attention exercises. A very good example is holding his favorite toy or food closer to your mouth. Next thing you do is give your dog a keyword command.

Every time your dog spends time to look, try to last it for a minute, reward him or give him simple words of praise. Do the attention exercise often and eventually your dog would pay attention at longer time. Dogs would learn best through positive reinforcement by means of reward or praise.

By nature, dogs can easily be distracted. So the ideal place to do the attention exercise is somewhere that is quiet and free from any sort of distraction like loud noise. Your training session should not exceed thirty minutes. Beyond that limit, expect the dog to become restless. You’re likely to lose his full attention quite easily.

It’s normal that you will get frustrated if your dog does not learn right away. But do not take your frustration out on your beloved pooch. Here are the three things to take note before you begin the dog obedience training:

The Basic Commands of Dog Obedience Training

It is best if you begin the dog obedience training when both of you are ready. Just don’t forget that consistency plays a major part when doing the exercises and that make sure that every session is enjoyable for both of you.

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