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Using Hand Signal To Train Your Dog

Hand often involves as the tools to train dogs. The professional dog trainer use hand signal in conjunction with words. They always use hand signal after the dog have already trained using words. This method will suit the dogs that have already trained before and the dogs that have never been in any training program.

The common lesson for dog is leaning to sit. Before applying the hand signal technique, you should talk nicely to your dog. Let say, your dog called Elmo. You should say directly “Elmo, sit down please”. The word “sit down” refers to an order to sit, but when you say “please” you respect to your dogs. They will know this from your tone. They will understand that you are asking them politely. In most cases, most dogs will sit and follow the instruction. It is common if you find difficulties in the first time. Only few people success in their first hit. It takes time and process. You should be patience if your dog does not obey your word. Never yell to your dog. If you do this, you will hurt their feeling. This will lead them into a permanent fear. You do not want your dog to be an introvert dog right? Then you should throw away your yelling habit.

The other technique you can use is using food. Put the food in front of their nose so they understand that you are their instructor. Move the food toward the back of their head, then you should say “sit”. They will naturally bend their head backward following the food. You should put your hand in front of their faces at the time you say “sit”. They will know that they have to sit, whenever you put your hand out n front of them.

In dog training session, the most important key element is trust. You have to build the trust of your dog. You can build trust through your calm voice which shows them that you care of them and you never hurt them. Your dog will always make you smile by their behavior. Though it is a good or bad behavior, you should have the understanding that your dogs do everything to make you happy. If you have this mindset, you will be able to think from your dog perfective. This will help you to train your dog easier if you can think from their perfective.