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What Every Dog Owner Should Know About Dog Training Collar

Most dog owners need dog training collars. Nowadays, there are all kinds of styles and forms that you can select from but they all have one thing in common – to assist you in managing your dog.

The Basic Features of Dog Training Collar

It is stated earlier that there are many types of dog training collar. Some are made to purposely fit on the nose of the dog, which functions to control what direction the dog is heading to. Usually, they are connected to the lead. When you want to stop your dog for doing something, say running or going after another animal, all you have to do is make a gentle, quick yet sharp pull on the leash and that will surely gear its head leading to you, this way, it signals your dog that you want him to stop. A very good example of such type of dog training collar is:

On the other hand, there are some dog training collars that are considered to be mean and inhumane. An example of such type is electric shock collars. From the name itself, you will know what it does to the dog – it produces an electric charge directly to the dog’s neck the moment your dog displays an act of misbehavior. Though manufacturers of this kind of dog training collar vouch for its safety, still, from the standpoint of most owners, this is so unruly to be used on their beloved dogs. Despite all of these negative feedbacks, this type of collar still exists in the market such as:

As such, electric shock collar should not be used or applied on dogs because of its brutal effect on them.

Furthermore, there are some dog training collars designed to stop the dogs from barking. An example is:

Pricing and Application Used on Dog Training Collar

If you decide to buy a Canny Collar, you will spend around $30. Electronic shock collars cost roughly $280. Actually, the price of shock collar depends upon on many factors like dog size, your own preference, the purpose of buying it, among others.

You may only use shock collar when there is a reasonable need to correct its bad and unacceptable behavior. It should not be worn by your dog too often because there is a tendency that your dog would get the hang of it, despite its unpleasant feeling. Once it is accustomed to that feeling, it might ignore your instructions. When your dog does something good, reward it to reinforce the good behavior. Just make sure you treat your dog gently but with firmness on the side, in the process, your dog will learn quickly what you expect from him.

When it comes to knowing what proper techniques needed to use the dog training collar, you might want to check out some books in your library or better yet, search on the internet. Indeed, using dog training collar can be effective if you know how to use it properly. All you have to do is do a research about it before making a purchase.