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Dog Treats

Dog treats can be used both as a reward and toy as well as to spoil your four legged friend for being a good dog. Treats used as a reward for obeying the command are very helpful in training process, while types of dog treats designed as toys help your pet keep distracted when being away from home alleviating boredom and loneliness. Dogs like almost any treat. They consider it an additional source of your affection but you should pay attention to several things before picking a dog treat from a shelf.

Like in other pet supplies, there is a great difference in quality when it comes to dog treats and the price is often not a guarantee for quality. If you want to give your dog a healthy treat choose the ones containing little or no artificial additives, whole grains and other ingredients considered unhealthy for dogs. You should also pay attention to calorie, fat and sugar content, especially if the dog is overweight or if giving him treats daily. You should perhaps also consider rewarding your dog with treat which promote dental health by controlling tartar buildup. Worth considering are also treats enhanced with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your dog does not obtain in required amounts from his diet.

Treats play an important role in your dog’s life but treats should not exceed 10% of your dog’s diet. In excess, treats can reduce your dog’s appetite for healthy and nutritious diet or/and lead to overweight problems. Giving your dog too much of treats may also reduce their value as special delight and reward.