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Gourmet Dog Biscuits

Feeding your doggie with organic and natural ingredients can be the best possible way to keep him healthy and fit. Always keep in mind that there are many things in the mainstream and regular dog food which in fact hurts him instead of helping.

For instance, the dog food with a very high percentage of corn is harmful for the digestive system of your dog. The dog foods which have the meat contain things such as talons or claws or feather that might harm your doggie. The market dog foods are not natural and have no comparison with the homemade dog biscuits or any other food. The market foods have preservatives and chemicals which may make your pet sick.

A lot of ways are their which ensures the safety and health of your dogs. Many recipes for dog biscuits are present that are . Making a special home prepared gourmet dog biscuits are very beneficial which can be a treall natural dog biscuitsat for your beloved dog and at the same time very healthy too.

In order to prepare a basic dog gourmet, you first need to gather few ingredients and a big bowl. To start up, mix 3 1/2 cups of the unbleached flour along with two cups of whole wheat flour and a cup of cornmeal. Then add 1 1/2 cups of milk powder. After this, you require a tablespoon of yeast (dry) and 3 ½ cups of chick broth or meat broth but it should be lukewarm.

Let the yeast to dissolve completely in the meat or chicken broth. Richer broth results in a better treat for your pooch. Allow this mixture to rest and sit for around ten minutes and then mix this in the flour mixture. It should make dough so that you can roll out till it is around half inch thick. Now, cut them into any shapes and brush them with egg wash. Bake the biscuits for around 45 minutes in 300 degrees. After this, leave the baked biscuits overnight in order to make it hard.

All the natural gourmet dog biscuits are gaining more and more recognition now and are very popular amid the owners of dog who are very health conscious. They prefer the dog biscuits which are made at home as they are natural dog biscuits and have fresh hearty ingredients. These can be the best treat for your doggie making him happy and healthy.