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Simple Recipe for Dog Biscuits

A great recipe for a dog biscuit is a good thing to have if you own dogs. Making biscuits for your own doggie can be a great fun. Undoubtedly, your dog will have a great time having them which will taste even better than those market biscuits. But for this, you need to get a perfect recipe that suits your dogs taste. There are hundreds of recipes for dog biscuits but the choice totally depends upon you.

These days, the dog biscuits available in the market are not at all good. There are many kinds of homemade dog biscuits and therefore, a lot of ways to save your dog, which is not less I guess! Yes, you heard it right. Making food for your dog can save his life. The homemade dog biscuits and other foods can save your doggies from various diseases which ultimately results in their deaths. A lot of cases have come up recently which shows how harmful and dangerous these marketable dog food are for your dog. They have very harmful preservatives, chemicals and many other factors which end up slaughtering the dogs in few months.

So, let’s look at a grand recipe for dog biscuits, as this way you can save your dog and have some great time with your pooch.

Basic Biscuit for Dog:

If you are looking for a basic dog biscuit recipe, then this is the right place. Making this biscuit is very simple and fun too. Well, first of all, you need three tablespoons of the wheat germ, 2 eggs, around 2 cups of the whole wheat flour and ¼ cup milk also. To start, first stir both the eggs very well and then add the other ingredients too, but only the liquids. After that, add the other things also and mix them well with your hands. Spread the mixture in a rectangular shape box which is about half inch thick and cut them in the shape of bones. Place the bone shaped pieces on cookie sheet. Now, bake them for around twenty-five minutes on every side at about 350 and you get the homemade dog biscuits ready for your lovable doggie.

These days, a lot of recipes are available for the dog biscuits and it depends on you whether you want a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian biscuit. Therefore, go ahead and spoil your pet with the tasty and healthy dog biscuits as he deserves that.