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How to Choose Dog Toys

Toys are very popular in dogs, especially puppies and young dogs providing relaxation, fun, distraction and stimulation. Carefully chosen dog toy alleviates boredom, stress and loneliness when your four legged friend is home alone. Your shoes and furniture are going to be safe from his teeth, while neighbors will not complain about incessant barking any longer. In addition, a quality toy helps protect your dogs teeth and satisfies his chewing needs.

Many different toys for all kinds of purposes are available in pet stores and online shops for all breeds and dogs of all ages. In order to choose a toy your dog will like you should take several things into account before making the final decision. Dog toys should be chosen according to your dog’s character, chewing habits and age as well as the intended purpose. Dogs with stronger chewing temperament and puppies require toys which can withstand their teeth to prevent potential accidents that might occur if biting off or swallowing a peace of a toy. To make sure that a toy will not cause any harm to your dog be sure to check the materials from which the toy is made of and pay attention to the quality of manufacture. Highly important is also choosing properly sized toy for your dog. Your pet can swallow or choke on toy too small and lose interest in toy too big very soon because being difficult to handle.

When choosing a toy for your dog, make sure it is intended for the desired purpose. If you intend to use the toy as a stimulation in training avoid toys that are intended for keeping dogs occupied and distracted. You also should not give the dog toys intended for stimulation or reward if you want to keep him distracted because he will be done with it before being able to reach your doors.