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Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy

To have a happy dog he must be a healthy dog. Health is one of the first and most important things in having a happy dog that will be part of your life for a long time. The better informed and educated that a owner is on how to keep a dog healthy the better owner you will be, and it will certainly benefit you and your dog in a longer healthier happy life. As owners of dogs we are responsible for the well being of our friend and seeing that he is happy mentally, physically and emotionally. Dogs are totally dependent on you to look out for their health, not like us, we can make our own decisions, our loyal friends cannot. To have a happy dog be sure to be a responsible owner and make sure your dog is happy by caring for all his needs and keeping him healthy.

There are many things you can do do help ensure you have a keep a healthy dog. Dogs are just like us, they can develop allot of the same illnesses and diseases us humans do. The first thing that you need to do before you even buy a puppy or dog is have him examined by your local veterinarian. Make sure he has all his needles and vaccinations. Then make sure you are providing him with all the best nutrients and supplements he will need in his diet to be healthy. Choose good brand name foods that contain the best nutrients, stay away from foods that have byproducts and preservatives, these can cause allergies. For extra nutrients dogs love yogurt and also green beens and carrots are good for them, try it, they will love it! Food coloring should be avoided, this is usually found in treats like dog biscuits, try using the plain ones, they are better for him. Some of the most common concerns owners have when owning dogs are Arthritis, this is usually in older dogs and can be treated by visiting your local vet. If your dog develops hip dysplasia and it is untreated it can and may lead to arthritis. Another concern is allergies, you have to pay attention to the behavior of your dog and reactions he may be having and if you notice any changes he should be checked by the vet. Dog behavior problems may be a sign of stress or anxiety, these things can be helped by attention and some time with your dog. Odor is also a concern and can be solved by baths, teeth cleaning, and making sure your dog has a clean environment.