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House Training a Puppy

You have finally got a puppy for your kid who has been pestering you for a long time. No doubt, this animal is a source of immense joy to you and your family but be aware that he can be a nuisance as well since he has lived in total freedom. It is your duty or your family’s to see that the puppy is house trained and made to obey the commands of its master. With house training, a puppy becomes an expert in understanding the various signals meant for him and in due course he can regulate his actions accordingly.

There are 2 rules that need to be followed while house training a puppy. The first rule is that, if your puppy is defecating or urinating in your absence then, do not punish him. The second rule is that you should praise or encourage your puppy for his good deeds. It would not help if you only reprimand him for soiling your house. There are various methods to house train your puppy and help him imbibe clean hygienic habits. When you see your puppy circling a certain spot in the house and sniffing the floor at the same time, it is an indication for you to realize that he needs to go through his natural motion.

Immediately you can place him over a piece of paper in one particular corner and allow him to complete his job under your watchful eyes and once he is through, praise him by patting his head and saying ‘Good Dog’. Gradually you can change his habit by placing the paper outside the house. It may take some time for your puppy to change the place for his urges but with a little patience and encouragement he will come around. The second option is training with the help of a cage. Puppies are very particular in keeping their resting or sleeping place clean. When he is in the cage he controls his bladder movements, which could be helpful if you are not in the house and the puppy is left alone. After your arrival you can take him out of the cage and he relieves himself at the designated spot.

Animals have a tendency to relieve themselves after being fed. So maintain a schedule so that you know exactly when to take him for his daily ritual. However, at times the pup urinates when he sees you or sees another dog. This situation is uncontrollable and do not rebuke him for it. Use a lot of verbal words like ‘Outside’ which is a sign for him to go out to relieve himself and ‘No’ if you see him trying to pass his motions on the spot, which will help him understand that the spot is not his urinal.