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Leash Training a Puppy

Leash training a puppy is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks, especially when it is implemented on a new puppy, who has never seen or worn anything like this. Leash training should be made fun and filled with rewards so that the puppy gets accustomed to it at the earliest. It is very natural for your dog to resist something around its collar in the beginning and he may resist all efforts to put it around his neck. The trick is to start with something very unassuming like a thread or a shoelace and then graduate onto the leash. Do the same with the length of the leash also gradually extending it.

Indulge the puppy in some playful things so that his attention is diverted and he stops tugging or biting it. Put and remove the leash when the pup is calm and not bothered with the leash around its neck like during his meal times or when he is playing with you. Another good way of getting your pup familiar with the band around his neck by bribing him with his food urging him to move towards you and making him move around with you, making it seem like a game, thus enabling you to hold onto the other end of the leash. Reward him for his obedience with games and treats. With the leash around its neck the pup initially may refuse to move.

Do not tug at his leash forcibly and drag him along with you as this may cause damage to your animal. If he seems persistent and gives you the message that he is not agreeable to being led, persuade him with your voice and body language to dispel his fears. Always keep the leash loose when walking your pup. If your puppy is showing any tendency to pull you along with him, just stand still to show him that you are not to be led.

The leash should not be left when your pet is not under your supervision. This may cause your pet to have accidents Your pup will naturally take to the leash with a little coaxing and training and over a period of time both of you will enjoy those leisurely walks.