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Puppy Obedience Training

Obedience training is one of the most rewarding experiences for an owner. Wouldn’t you like to hear the squeal of your daughter when she sees your puppy doing a little jig? Wouldn’t you like to see your pet roll over or shake hands with your friends as and when you command it? Wouldn’t you like your pup to get your daily mail from the doorway when you shout ‘Fetch’. Yes, all these antics of the new member of your house will give you immense pleasure and satisfaction. But all needs a lot of training brought about by patience and nurturing. It is up to you to communicate effectively with your pet when interacting with them.

The usage of body language and words are effective mediums to help in the training of your puppy. You have to demonstrate to your pup what action you want it to perform while saying certain words. For e.g. you have to extend your hand to the pup while saying ‘Shake hands’ before he gets used to this word and action combination. You have to show him how to roll when you say ‘Roll’ before he imitates you. This exercise has to be continued for some time before the pup starts mirroring you and then performing it with only your commands.

It is also comforting to know that trained pups can be given more freedom for they know what behaviors are acceptable and what are not. Training helps your pet not to be intimidated by strangers and show his nervousness by either barking or jumping on the visitor or even biting.

It is advantageous if you attend these obedience training classes yourself before you utilize them on your pet. It is best to train your pup where there is less of distractions. Gradually you can introduce the distractions to make him obey you in any situation for e.g. amongst a gathering of your family and friends. It’s a matter of joy to the pet when he abides with his master’s command and gets rewarded duly also. Encouraging words like ‘Good dog’ or a tap in the head when your pet does what he is asked to gives him also great joy.. There is no age limit to train your pups.