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Puppy Potty Training

Puppy potty training is one of the essentials in the list of wannabe or new owners. Puppies are like kids who don’t know that they have to go to a certain place to pass their motions. Scolding them when they mess in the house will not help as they do not understand. Potty training differs from breed to breed. Some pups are easily potty trained while some are not. They still do not have complete control over their bladders and like small children, sometimes lose control and mess the place. Here are some tips for you to help you in potty train your puppy.

If you buy your puppy from a breeder who has already started on this training program then it would be a little easy for you. At times when you are unable to keep a check on your puppy, keep him in a crate or a secluded so that he does not litter the place. Advise other household members likewise. Try to feed your dog dry food if he is on a commercial diet which helps in formation of dry stools. Keep your puppy in washable areas which can be cleaned easily. Fix a schedule for your puppy and feed him at the same time. Send him for his daily defecation when it is time for you to get in or out of bed. Feed your pups 4 hours before his bed and 2 hours before his bed refrain from giving him water.

Make a habit for your puppy with his potty ritual every day in the morning, before going to bed, after every meals and after a session of active playing. Early morning when you hear him shuffle take him out on a leash so that he can relieve himself. Do not play during his potty schedule. Put him in his crate for 10 to 15 minutes if he doesn’t go to the toilet immediately and then you can take him out again. You may sometimes have to wait as some puppies do not finish their jobs the first time.

After he finishes his job clean him up thoroughly. If you do not have the time to train your puppy, then keep an adult dog who is already trained. Reward with little things once they are done. If they accidentally mess your house do not rub their nose in the waste. It’s essential to clean the place that your puppy has messed and normal soapy water does not help. You need to use a cleanser or deodorizer from the pet store. Your puppy has a very sensitive nose and if smells any bad odor he might think it is the place for potty.