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Puppy Training Supplies

Getting a puppy is as good as having an addition in your family. You have to make arrangements to give this new member a comfortable and happy surrounding. Raising puppies is not an easy job. Along with training them, you have to keep their training supplies and accessories also handy. There are several puppy training supplies and you will be spoilt for choice. To begin with, it is very important to buy collars for your puppy as you don’t want it ransacking your house. Keep in mind that the puppies are not acceptable to these collars and leashes in the beginning, choose something which is not too heavy, It should not be too heavy for him to lug it along the way, nor too loose that he can break free whenever he wants. Maintain a 2 fingers gap between the neck and the leash.

You can use heavy noisy chains to bang them on the floor eliciting a threatening noise to stop your puppy in his tracks if he is not obedient. There are umpteen toys for the puppies to chew on. You can engage your puppy in play with bones made of nylon and having the flavor of meat. These are durable and inexpensive. You can buy folding gates if you want your puppy out of the way. The gate should be made of chewy material but strong enough and it should have slats to restrict the puppy from sticking his head through them. You can even buy dog beds meant to give the puppy a comfortable feeling. It’s made of cedar chips which acts as a repellant against ticks and fleas and fiberfill which gives the bed the desired shape and soft feeling. The covers should be easy to remove, wash and durable.

Whistles are very useful equipments which help in training purposes. Use medicines which prevent fleas and ticks affecting your puppy and specially treated collars. Puppies are prone to dental diseases. So invest in a good dog toothbrush and paste. Always keep deodorizers and cleansers bought from pet stores to clean the place thoroughly where your puppy has pooped or else your puppy may be attracted to this place and use it as his toilet again. You can even buy a scooper for picking up the poop that your puppy has left. Last but not the least the dog food should be of high quality and suitable for its breed.