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Puppy Training Tips

Training a puppy can be a full time job. However, you can make the training sessions lively and fun with a few training tips. It’s a matter of pride when an owner gets rewarded for his efforts. You could do with a few training tips as well. When a puppy arrives at a new home, nothing is more comforting than a bottle of warm water. They feel extremely lonely as they are separated from the rest of the litter. So the sound of a clock ticking away is a reassuring means of giving them a feeling of being among their brethren. Puppies need to be checked by veterinarians regularly for healthy growth. So when you take him for his regular check-up try to give him comfort by placing him on your lap. In this way you will also be saved from the trouble of your pup being infected by other sick animals. Make sure that the visits to the vet are full of fun and if necessary carry his toy along.

You should allocate a specific area for your puppy which is not used by any family member nor any other pet in the house. This will help your puppy to get acclimatized when he is left alone for a short time and then reward him on your return. Give your puppy enough of exercise by indulging in little play and giving him his favorite toy or else it could result in destructive behavioral outbursts. Do not stress on too much training as the puppy is still young. If the puppy gets potty trained and responds to your calls, it’s a good development. Biting is a natural instinct and the puppy can be stopped from demonstrating this behavior by expressing pain in an over-exaggerated manner. Wincing in pain helps put a stop to this behavior.

You are the master and you set the rules where you do not accept certain traits like sleeping on the sofa and, try to inculcate this habit when the puppy is young.

Puppies are known to jump as a sign of greeting. Do not encourage them by patting them when they jump for they use it later to seek attention. Instead wait for their excitement to subside and, only when they have settled down, shower your attention by patting or rubbing them. Also ensure that the puppy’s name is associated with pleasant things like walks, play, meals etc. like Bruno walkie, or Bruno dinner. It should not be meant for scolding him or for any kind of negative connotation.