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Guinea Pig Treats and Toys

Like other pets, guinea pig like treats and toys. There are many different treats and toys made specially for guinea pigs and your furry friend will definitely appreciate if buying him one. Treats are delightful to cavies, while many toys provide them both entertainment and form of exercise. In addition, many treats and toys are designed to help wear down cavy’s teeth or are enhanced with vitamins.

Many different guinea pig toys and treats available at pet stores and online shops but before purchasing one there are several things that need to be considered. Guinea pigs particularly like to chew both when it comes to treats and toys. For that reason it may be a good idea to purchase your pet a toy which is a treat at the same time.

In addition to chewing, cavies also like to hide and will definitely love a tunnel or a tent which are a must for every cavy. Many cavies also enjoy toys intended for rabbits and other pets, and variety of other items such as paper, old clothes, cardboard boxes and even children’s toys. Before giving your furry friend any items or toys which are not made specially for guinea pigs please make sure that it cannot harm him in any way. Never give you cavy an item or a toy small enough to be swallowed or cause chocking, or containing potentially harmful substances.