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Guinea Pig Food

Guinea pigs tend to be fickle eaters. Once they adjust to certain types of food they will rather starve than accept a dietary change. Therefore is crucial the you start feeding your little friend with a healthy, balanced diet from an early age.

Despite their name guinea pigs are not pigs nor originate from Guinea. They come from the Andes and belong to the rodent species but unlike many rodents they are herbivores which means that they are strict vegetarians. Their natural food is grass, various herbs, roots, bark and branches of various plants they find in their habitat but you can find quality guinea pig pellets at the local pet store and online shops. Cavies love the taste of pellets which contain all the necessary nutrients including vitamin C. However, feeding your cavy with guinea pig pellets may not provide him enough vitamin C. Like humans, cavies do not synthesize vitamin C in their bodies and must obtained it through diet. To make sure your pet obtains the required amounts of vitamin C through diet you can either give him vitamin C supplements or include fresh fruits and vegetables to his diet.

In addition to quality guinea pig food which should contain little or no artificial additives and preservatives, your cavy’s diet should also include hay which is crucial for healthy digestion and helps his teeth being worn down. Please make sure your little friend has also unlimited access to clean water.

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