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Pick A Suitable Wild Bird Feeder To Attract Wild Birds To Your Backyard

Your backyard contains a lot of natural beauty provided you maintain it regularly. It is not an unusual sight to find wild birds flocking to your backyard. They add to its beauty and make for a pleasant view. Different birds together provide the much needed glamour that your backyard needs. These wild birds do so much for your backyard and it is your responsibility to respond in kind to them and to make sure that they keep coming back. You can easily do this by placing a good wild bird feeder in your backyard.

A normal traditional wild bird feeder is a cylindrical tube feeder that has been used for a long time now. Many birds are instantly attracted to this tube feeder which basically has tiny perches for the smaller birds to gather upon and keep the bigger birds away at he same time. Small holes are made in this bird feeder to allow a sunflower seed to grow with the help of an ultraviolet resistant plastic.

Apart from this traditional bird feeder, there is another very popular bird feeder known as the tray feeder. It consists of a plastic cylinder with cage wires built inside to keep off the rodents like squirrels from entering. These bird feeders are popular due to the various designs on offer. They may resemble lanterns or any custom shape of your choice.

Keeping the right kind of wild bird feeder is essential to attract wild birds to your backyard or garden. Maintaining the bird feeder is as crucial. Bird feeders get polluted easily and the stink may cause the birds to stop flocking to your backyard. Some points should be followed to keep your bird feeder in a proper condition. It should be kept in an open space so that the birds can perch o them without any space constraint. Placing it too close your house especially near windows is not advisable as it may facilitate the entry of wild birds to your home. Maintain the condition of the bird feeder by cleaning it regularly as it can be infected easily by bacteria. Replace the seeds periodically and more so during the rains as they get wet pretty quickly and get moldy. Take preventions to block the entry of pests and rodents like squirrels with the help of a squirrel baffle.