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Cat Tree

A cat tree is the best way to satisfy your cat’s instinct to climb and provide her a great form of exercise as well as a place to rest. Cats like to be at height because of their natural instinct to survey their surroundings for both prey and potential predators giving them feeling of safety. For that reason you should not be surprised if your cat keeps on climbing on your furniture and ignoring her bed on the floor.

Many cat trees are available at pet stores and online shops but before you choose one you should pay attention to several things. The first and the most important of all is safety. A cat tree must be stable and well balanced not to tip over hurting the cat or anyone else. In order to make sure that the cat tree is safe for your pet and others in the household choose the one that has a large, solid base, and stay away from trees that feel wobbly or leaning to one side when rocking them back and forth. You are also highly recommended to ask the seller about weight restrictions, especially if having more cats.

Buying your cat a tree is a very good idea to satisfy her basic needs. In addition to safety you should take into account cat’s personality if you do not want it to stand unused in the corner. There are countless cat tress with many different features and small things often make a big difference. If having a cat that shy or likes to hide you should consider a cat tree that comes with cubbyholes, while energetic and playful cats will certainly appreciate if buying them a tree attached with toys or providing a way to attach their favorite play items. Take time to compare different kinds of cat trees and remember the higher the better.