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Cat Scratching Post

Cats are adorable creatures but carpets, couches and other paces of furniture ruined by their sharp claws are everything but adorable. All cats have a strong instinct for scratching which keeps their claws sharp and clean. In addition, scratching is a way to mark their territory as well as a form of exercise. There is no way to make your cat stop scratching and if you do not want to replace your couch or other peaces furniture every month you should get a cat scratching post.

Besides esthetic design that fits with your furniture there are several important factors to keep in mind when choosing a cat scratching post. The size of the scratching surface is crucial if you want your cat to switch from your couch to her scratching post. It should be heigh enough to enable your cat to stretch out while sharpening her claws. Scratching post also needs to be stable not to collapse when the cat is trying to stretch on which is one of the main reasons why couches and other peaces of furniture are so popular scratching surfaces. The material of the scratching surface is the third but not the least important factor you should pay attention to before purchasing a cat scratching post. Scratching surface is either made of wood, or comes with carpet or sisal covering but there is a lot of debate about which material is the best. Many people claim that sisal covered scratching post is the best because it just enough rough, while the others recommend choosing a post made of material similar to the one the cat is currently using for scratching on. Choosing similar material is believed to make your cat to switch from the furniture to the post a lot easier.

Do not expect wonders the first day you introduce your cat her scratching post. It may take time before she stops scratching your furniture but with some patience and kindness your furniture will be safe from her claws eventually. To encourage your cat to switch to the scratching post you may try with giving her treats when she uses it or by moving her favorite toys closer to the post. It also may be helpful to cover peaces of furniture your cat is using for scratching with heavy plastic. If your cat prefers scratching flat surfaces you are highly recommended to get a scratching box because it is very difficult to make her to use a vertical post.