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Isn’t it neat and fabulous to see nails cut and cleaned? Well it’s also pleasing to the eye to see your beloved pet to have those grooming to. It’s really not just a style or added accessory to your kitty but it is also a pet hygiene. Really, nail trimming for felines is considered vital to their wellness; it prevents them from suffering foot and leg problems and infection. If ever you observe that there is something wrong or unusual to the way your cat walks, maybe it’s about time to check your cat’s nails and see if there’s a cat health paw danger already.

Protect your cats from declawing and painful walking. If found necessary, trim the long nails that have been hindering their paws from moving properly. Using specialized cat nail clippers, hold the paw firmly, and then grasp the paw at the base; this will make the nail extend beyond.

Using one stroke cut off the tip of the nail. Be careful when doing this as it might slip off and cause bleeding, this might infect the paw. After trimming, file it to smoothen the edge further.

Aside from regular trimmings, it is recommended to have a scratching post in your household. This is oftentimes a piece of furniture or any solid material where cats can scratch their claws on. Usually, when nails are growing longer, they ten to be itchy or uncomfortable to them so that’s why they scratch a lot (don’t wait for precious pieces in your home to be left out with cat art works!). The friction on the scratching post grinds down the nail edges and makes it relieving for the cat.

Since animals can’t talk or explicitly express whenever they get ill, always pay attention to their stool for blood traces and the like. Consult your vet right away because they might have been infected through cat health paw problems, at least you can get some cure for your pet earlier.