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Pets; like humans are prone to sickness, this is why veterinarians keep track of diseases that affect our feline friends. Doses of information on common cat health problems, that may target your pets, are in stored for your awareness.

Since animals are mostly exposed to outdoors, nobody can really control them when they play out in the sun. If there’s one thing we can be thankful for these animals, it’s that they can stand-alone when it comes to their hygiene. But then, just because, they are not like humans who are more conscious of health and who can outpour their pains, cats can’t tell you what they’re feeling, only, you can just rely on symptoms that are visible on them.

If you have been noticing a change in kitty’s weight loss, observing some pot bellied appearance, the coat seams to be poor looking and it is constant vomiting, and then maybe your little one caught some worms already! Cure it with a few dose of medication, don’t let it stay for long, it might lead it to some serious ailments.

UTI or urinary track infections also targets cats. Bear in mind that male cats have a higher risk of bladder diseases, although female cats are prone too.

Well, who says, only people like us experience stress? Amazingly, even cats do! Since they are sensitive kind of creatures, they oftentimes go through stress too. Common signs of this ailment are loss of appetite, fur falling off, trembling, excessive meowing, and habitual moving around.

Fleas cause skin disorder to most animals, these feed on your cat’s blood and can even make them anemic, the worst, and it can kill kittens too. Always give a “run-through” your pet so you can see if there is any warning coming from those pests!

Aside from the above mentioned cat health problems, respiratory infections, scratches, ear mites, and tooth decay also contribute to a cat’s sickness. So the next time you detect unusual symptoms on your pet, consult a vet right away!