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Simple Tips to Stop a Dog From Barking

Can you give me two major reasons why the dog lovers take their dog to the obedience training? Have you got any idea? The major reasons are housebreaking and barking. Now you recognize that stopping your dog from barking is not easy for some people who never know the concept. I will tell you some simple tips which will help you to stop your dog from barking.

First, you should have an appropriate mind set. You have to convince your self that stopping your dog from barking is easy. Though lots of your friend tell you that it is difficult, you have to stick on your believe that stopping your dog from barking is easy. By applying this method, you are using a positive mind power, which will help you to get the result you want. You simply have to decide that you will be positive. Maybe you recognize I often use this positive mind set in other article, then you would say that it is nonsense. Yes, I use this tips in my other article and this is true, that you have a mind power which will be able to control everything related to you including your dog. Therefore, you have to be focus at the positive thing.

Respect your dog, talk nicely. Dog has their own personality. They can feel your love like human being. We often called it instinct. You should talk to your dog often so they can fell your love. It is very important because they will love you if they feel your love.

Teach your dog to bark at the appropriate time. Just say that you own a dog called Elmo. You should tell Elmo to bark when you say “Elmo, bark”. Then you will train Elmo to bark whenever you said so. Saying the word “Elmo, bark” frequently will develop a great memory in Elmo mind. So whenever Elmo get the command, Elmo will respond based on your order.

Say thank you. Say thank you to your dog and tell them that you know what they are pointing at when they bark. When your dog barking at your friend, you should say “Thanks a lot Elmo, She is Amy” while you pointing your finger at her. This will make great differences compare to yelling and say bad things to your dog. You have to practice this method as it will develop positive relationship between you and your dog.