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Things to Do If Your Dog Is Afraid Of Loud Noise

Is your dog afraid of loud noise? Do they run away if they heard any shocking sound? If so, then your dog may have the problem with loud noise. They need your help in order to cure from this problem. You might be asking about the example of loud noise. The common one is thunderstorms. It is such a loud noise which can make your lovely dog hiding below your bed. The sound of heavy rain is also one of the loud noises. Dogs have the emotion like human. They also have the fear as we do. We can not judge that they are only animal which own instinct. The fact is not quite supporting that statement. The first thing need to be done if your dog afraid of loud noise is patience. Be patience, do not yell at them. They will get nervous if you yourself as the owner yelling at them. You need to hug them and make them comfort. You must tell them that they save with you, no matter what will be happened. Then the next thing need to be done is teaching your dog how to deal with those fears.

The fastest way to help your dog dealing with their fear is introducing your dog to the loud noise. Then you should condition your dog to loud noise. The first easy way to get started is taking your dog to the beach. You will hear the sound of waves which is not that loud compare to the thunderstorm noise. Hug your dog while you walk slowly on the beach and try to speak with them if they do not need to be afraid with that sound. Then let your dog walk in the beach with you, do not hug them. Once you see that your dog become more comfortable with this method you can do it regularly. If needed, you can also record the sound. Schedule your time at home listen the sound with your lovely dogs. This of course requires effort and patience but you will get the result you want.

You can also record the sound of thunderstorm and apply the same technique. For this special sound, you need to start from the lowest sound volume level. Then you need to increase the sound gradually to the top level. With this recorded material you will be able to train your lovely dog at home. This is a really great method.